Название: NEIKED, Mae Muller, Polo G — Better Days

Длительность: 00:02:55

Год: 2021-10-07 22:00:12

Добавил: MaeMullerVEVO

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Better Days out now: https://maemuller.lnk.to/BetterDaysID

First verse (Mae Muller) 00:09
Chorus (Mae Muller) 00:42
Second verse (Polo G) 1:08
Chorus (Mae Muller)1:44

Directed by Tom Dream

I’ve been feeling lonely
I need someone to hold me
Come on baby hold me
I’ve been feeling jaded
don’t know how I should play it
tell me how to play it.
Now you, you’ve been moving on
let me know can come along
Since you’re gone, oh it’s been so long
On my own, my own, my own, my own

Living in a haze, staying in the shade
All I do is sit around and wait for better days
I could use a break, can I get an amen
All I do is sit around and wait for better days

[Polo G]
Can I get an Amen
Introverted can’t make friends
Pray for better days now it’s 300k when my day ends
Do you remember last night cause I blacked out
in that all white dress with her back out
Say be careful with her heart ‘cos its fragile
And thinking bout her past make her lash out
See with me it ain’t no worries at all
Any problem ill be there when one call
If we locked in, you my dawg
Fan of you I’ll hang pictures on my wall
Roll one let’s get high tonight
Backseat Maybach lavish life
Chilling with the stars like a satellite
AP on my arm and it’s shining bright

Living in a haze, staying in the shade
All I do is sit around and wait for better days
I could use a break, can I get an amen
All I do is sit around and wait for better days

Better better better days, I can use a break (x2)
All I do is sit around and wait for better days
Better days
All I do is sit around and wait for better days

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UK Crew
Director – Tom Dream @tomdream_director
ExeC Producer – Martin Roker @mroker00
Producer – Ghandi El-Chamaa @ghandieec
Production Assistant – Harry Morgan @harry.morgs
Director of Photography – Stefan Yap @stefanyapdop
Focus Puller – Chris Steel @cinesteel
Loader – Chris Jorr @christopher_j_orr
1st Assistant Director – Jack Meredith @jackalisciously
Runner – Miles Lacey & Emily Close
Trainee – Finn Sheriton @finnmagnet
Gaffer – Steve Cameron @stevecameron
Spark – Amarjeet Singh
Spark – Shaun Clarke @lightwork_sparks
Spark – Johnjoe Besagni @jayjaybuzz
Desk Op – Ben Hinton
Production Designer – Benny Casey @benny_casey
Construction Manager – Martin Kerridge
Construction Manager – Ricardo Hernandez
Set Builder – Conor Holohan
Set Builder – Jack Lawer
Set Builder – Luke Todd
Art Assistant – Wiktor Jakubczyk
Art Assistant – Soraya Wright @designwrightldn_
Rigger – George Berry
Make-Up Artist – Anna Thompson @annathompson_london
Hair – Natalie Young @natalieyoung88
Medic/COVID Supervisor – Adam Young
Commissioner – Emily Tedrake @tedrake
Mae Muller Make-Up – Zara Ali @zara_mua
Mae Muller Hair – Lisa Laudat @lisalaudat1
Mae Muller Stylist – Jaime Jarvis @jaimejarvis
Mae Muller BTS – Mila Austin @milaaustin_
Mae Muller Management – Modest! @modestmgmt
Record Label – Capitol UK @capitoluk

UK Cast
Presenter – Georgie Bee @fancyshews
Choreographer — Ted Rogers
Dancer – Rhea T-W @rheatw
Dancer – Maddie Waters @missmadeleinelouise
Guest – Ben Mansbridge @benmansbridgeactor
Guest – Alex Guo @alexguoo

Sweden service company Crew List
Producer – Douglas Berglund
Producer – Christoffer Kristiansson
Production assistant: Adam Petersson (@spaderadam)
NEIKED Stylist: Diana Neumark (@neu_diana)
NEIKED BTS: Fabio Garcia (@fabiojr2001)
NEIKED Management: Mikael Rabus @mikaelrabus & Tabesh Motazed Keyvani @tabeshmotazedkeyvani

LA service company Crew List
Production Manager – Emma Weinswig
Director of Photography – Jackie Radinksy @jackieradinsky
Polo G BTS – Nick Lumarque @nicklumarque
Polo G Management – Stacia Mac @stacia.mac

Editor – Gary Coogan
Editor – Chris Hutchings
Producer – Jenn Saunders
Grade – Electric Theatre Collective, Jason Wallis @electic.theatre.collective
Producer – Oliver Whitworth
VFX Artist – Shivam Solanki
VFX Artist – Yash Agrawal
VFX Artist – Kartik More
Title Designer — Raissa Pardini.

London Film Studios @londonfilmstudios, Danny Hayward

Kit & Catering
Panavision @panavisionofficial
Sweetness Catering @sweetnesscatering

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Music video by NEIKED, Mae Muller, Polo G performing Better Days. A Capitol UK Records Recording; © 2021 Neiked Collective AB, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited