Название: Page Sevii — Cheat Codes (Official Music Video)

Длительность: 00:03:40

Год: 2021-11-30 09:00:10

Добавил: Page Sevii

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Directed by Michael Swanson

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Feel like I’m caught in a maze
Like I can’t find my way got me running in circles
It’s like I’m trapped in a maze
I just dnt knw my way got me going in circles
I might just hop off a plane
No parachute p.s. Sevii the soldier
Then I wake up from a gaze
Gotta stay focus my mission ain’t over
My niggas wrkin all day
Long nights skippin meals like they on diets,
Sevii go gon cook up the plays,
They got babies to feed baby mommas to keep quiet,
How yu going hate on the gang,
Suit and tie shyt we got business to tend to,
Never was one for the fame,
Need a farm for the family I’m pressing the issue,
Nigga yu black then be proud,
Stand with yur brova let nothing between yu,
Play with the Sevii that’s foul,
They gon throw yur ass out like a technical issue,
*My niggas trapping all day,
*Dnt seize the moment you blink and its over,
My niggas trappin all day,
Changing my ways I got rid of the soda,
My niggas mean wht they say,
Wisdom and knowledge I’m tryin get older,
I told Lil mama to wait,
She fell in love with the way that I mode her,
So ima show her the way,
And she go keep twerking to the night is over,
*Im good on the powder got weed in my system,
Playin with money like my fingers itchin,
Took off my jewelry still glow from a distance,
I don’t knw how I got here it was destined,
Shout out my border this shyt is a blessing,
DMV baby I’m stamping the bredren,
Been through the trails im still learning my lessons,
Residual income my momma ain’t stressing,
*Sevii the clinic I’m fixing addictions,
*Fly as yu thought I’m in latest edition,
Shout out my border this shyt is a blessing,
DMV border I’m stamping the bredren,
My momma ain’t stressing.

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DMV to the Mile High…Life is what you make it.