Название: Alan Walker x Imanbek — Sweet Dreams (Official Music Video)

Длительность: 00:03:03

Год: 2021-06-11 18:00:11

Добавил: Alan Walker

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Out now: https://alanwalker.lnk.to/SweetDreams

Walker Racing League is back 🏁 I’m happy to finally be able to share this song and music video with you all. Creating this song was both fun and challenging, incorporating such an iconic melody. @Imanbek Music and I had a great time working on this project together. It was an incredible experience filming at these amazing locations and bringing more of the story to life.

— Alan


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// LYRICS // Alan Walker x Imanbek — Sweet Dreams // LYRICS //

You’re like the mist
In the morning
You’re a moment
Body warming

I can’t resist
Where you going
Make me an ocean
Overflow it

Sweet dreams of your love
Keeping me up
Can’t get enough
Sweet dreams of your touch
Do what you want
Just keep it up
To the rhythm of the
Bee bap —

As they roll in
As they’re growing
Can’t control ‘em

Caught in a haze
Up on the ceiling
You got me feeling
I must be dreaming

Sweet dreams of your love
Keeping me up
Can’t get enough
Sweet dreams of your touch
Do what you want
Just keep it up
To the rhythm of the
Bee bap —


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Produced by MER Content
Director: Mads Neset
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Executive Producer: Gunnar Greve
DoP: Mark Hobz
Production Coordinator: Madeleine Kviljo
Original score: James Daniel Njie Eriksen

Line Production – Dubai

Executive Producer: Yasser Obeid
Line Producer: Nadya Tereshina
1st AD: Chris Marais
Production Coordinator: Viktor Polyakov
Production Coordinator: Patrizia Bellotti
Production Assistant: Rami Noureddine
Focus Puller: Roger Schram
DIT: Philipp Chudalla
Gaffer:Joseph Riachi
Key Grip: Haraj Haloubyan
BTS: Igor Rupets
Stills photographer/BTS: Veronika Hobson
Stills photographer/BTS: Mohammed Sarmadawy
Wardrobe stylist: Talia Nammour
Hair & Makeup: Hani Kleib
Art Director: Bora Batur
Casting Director: Ahmed Saeed
Location Manager: Ahmed Dib
Unit Manager: Mohamed Aziz
Precision Drivers Manager: Imran


Editor: Mads Neset
VFX Supervisor: Albin Skalleberg Nilsen
Sound design: Thomas «TomTom» Haugland
Artwork & Poster design: Vidar Auna / ManCat Design
Marketing assets / retouch: Kristoffer Aarak
Marketing assets: Skin Tonic / Chris Touma
Stills Edit/Retouch: Kristoffer “Kiffa” Skjæringrud
Digital Compositor & CG generalist: Sujeen Nepali
Digital Compositor & CG generalist: Dmitri Kuzkin
Digital Compositor: Lasse Westrum
3D/VFX supervisor: Nils Arne Brekke
3D ARTIST: Simon Tørnvall Andersen


Paul NæssAsbjørn Jenstad
Morten Kvale
Kjetil Kulander
Vibeke Cleaverley Rodriguez
Atle Blakset
Carl Tollefsen
Mattis Gaston Larsen
Torbjørn Nymark
Torgeir Sanders
Andreas Lønø


Alan Walker
Milena Vujovic
Vladica Andelkovic